Unfailing Quality

Our dedicated quality-control department keeps us focused on doing things right the first time. Our thorough attention to detail enables Powder Coating Specialties to function like an extension of your business. We uphold industry standards throughout all our processes so you receive top-quality products you can rely on for years to come.

Our quality tests include the following:

Quality Testing

ASTM D1737 Our bend testing evaluates adhesion and flexibility on test panels.
ASTM D279 This impact testing evaluates the adhesion properties of the finish.
ASTM D3359 A&B Our crosshatch adhesion testing evaluates the bonding properties of the finish to the substrate.
ASTM D1186 and ASTM D523 Our equipment accurately measures finish color, thickness, gloss, and other properties critical to the coating’s performance.
MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) testing, PCI procedure #8 This resistance testing enables our quality-control technicians to ensure finishes are fully cured.
ECD CureTRAK documentation and certification We obtain the appropriate certification and documentation to ensure our oventemperature calibration is appropriate.

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